Richard’s Christmas Stuffing Recipe

Richard shares his favourite Christmas Stuffing Recipe. Happy Christmas and happy cooking. It’s said best results of the Christmas dinner are always achieved by drinking a glass ???? while cooking.

Richard’s Christmas Stuffing 

600g Sausage Meat
75g Diced Back Fat
30g Chicken Liver (trimmed, cleaned and diced)
1 small chopped Shallot & 1 clove of Garlic, sweated down
100g Breadcrumbs
50g Cranberry Sauce
25g chopped pre cooked or raw peeled Chestnuts
1 tsp French Mustard
2.5g Sea Salt
2.5g White Pepper
15g Chervil
15g Parsley
15g Tarragon (all herbs to be finely chopped)

Serves  up to 12 hungry Elves and can be made 2-3 days before as long as everything is fresh when made.

Place all ingredients for the stuffing into a large bowl and mix well (fry a little burger off to check for seasoning)

Once you have checked the seasoning of the stuffing, lay a large piece of tin foil out onto the table and rub lightly with salted butter. Then place the stuffing on the greased tin foil and shape into a large long sausage. Then roll the tin foil around the sausage to make an almost cracker shaped parcel of christmas joy.

When ready to cook pre-heat oven to 180°.

Place the cracker of Christmas Joy into the oven and bake for approx. 25 minutes or check by piercing a cake tester needle through the middle of the sausage and if the juices run clean or the needle is hot to touch then we are good to go. Again this can be cooked slightly before hand and kept warm until needed. When ready to serve just warm back through in the oven. Remove from the tin foil and slice or serve whole next to your christmas meat.

Wishing you all a most delicious Christmas ????

Richard, Katja & Team Benedicts